BRAIN and EYE - Transmedia project.

The transmedia project Ojo y Cerebro runs through three different platforms: cartoons for tv, an interactive game for mobile devices and a offset editorial. The main objective is to introduce kids in the art creating for them a new experience as a young audience.

The graphic adventure of Bombilla is the main subject. We treat the user as a trainee and we give them the opportunity to grow up as a master. To awaken their curiosity and widen their knowledge we create a mysterious environment to catch them into the story.

Ojo y Cerebro as a cartoon series intend to the pure entertainment experience. With a punk profile we go deep into the transgression. We purpose another attitude in front of the art, questioning the transcendence setting out the reasons and the needs to create.

GaraBato is a series of editorial booklets that covers the final need to touch and make real the experience of getting involved in art. Putting track points into the paper draws we can scan them into BOMBILLA and access to the online networking and extra stuff. Then we can close the complete event returning to the main subject and introducing our painting inside the online museum of Bombilla.

Technique: animation and ilustration.

Genre: art and education.

Target: preschooler.

Status: in production.

Co-production: Kepler Mission Films and Biterswit Studio. In collaboration with TecnoCampus Upf.


The Financing Forum For Kids Content - 2017 - Malmö (Sweden)

3D Wire Animation and Videogames Market - Catalogue 2017 - Segovia (Spain)

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