We come from the endings of the same path that lead us to the audiovisual experience; the light of cinema and the presence of theater.

Selected by our video-game project "BOMBILLA" in The Financing Forum for Kids Content - Malmö 2017 and part of the 3DWire 2017 Catalog.

Selected by RealYoung 2017 for the documentary series "MI CASA"  supported by EDN and IDFA.

And participating with WE DIE in the Documentary Forum of Coproduction Lau Haizatera by San Sebastian International Film Festival 2018, documentary supported by IBERMEDIA and ICEC.

Rebeca Sánchez lópez

CEO Cofounder, Director and Producer.

Screenwriter and director of cinema and transmedia, with a strong technological, cultural and artistic tendency, which balances content and innovation.

In 2011 she created Liberula Verde Films, with which she produces short films, advertising and audiovisual pieces for live shows, producing the Kino Barcino for the Mercè '16 and the Directed by Women BCN-MAD.

She has worked as a director for Canal + and AMC International Networks. She has directed several short films such as La Llave, El Olvido, El tiempo de la luz or La Caja de Lucas, selected and awarded at different national and international festivals. She is co-founder of Directed by Women Spain coordinating it in its first two editions (2015 - 2016).

She is currently working on her first documentary WE DIE recently supported by the Ibermedia Program and ICEC also selected in Lau Haizetara Documentary Coproduction Forum at the International San Sebastian Film Festival 2018. She also is developing MI CASA, a documentary series for young audiences selected in The RealYoung 2017 supported by EDN and IDFA.

georgina oliva

CEO Cofounder and Producer.

Creates and develops artistic projects in the performing and audiovisual arts, applied to the field of culture and education.

In performing arts, she has worked as assistant director of Àlex Rigola and Juan Carlos Martel in the Teatre Lliure, Festival Grec, Temporada Alta, TNC and CDN. Collaborated in international projects with Fabrice Murgia for the Cómedie de Saint-Etienne and Àngels Aymar in 100Femmes. And directed La mort i la primavera (theater) and Imago (performance).

She has founded and lead the Cultural Association La Alfombra which stands out for the international co-production of 100Femmes with CollectiveLyon.05 in Barcelona, Eindhoven and Suwon. Also for the production and management of Directed By Women Spain (2015/2016) in Barcelona (La Caldera de les Corts, Mercè '16) and Madrid (Teatro del Barrio, Cineteca Madrid). She is strong collaborator of DadàBarcelona where she directs shows and designs artistic projects for children and teenagers.

She is currently the deputy artistic director in the contemporary public theatre of Barcelona, Teatre Lliure.


Producer in BOMBILLA Transmedia Project

Natalia Otera is a colombian screenwriter and producer based in Barcelona and Madrid. Focus on producing stories at international level for fiction, non-fiction and new media. She is Master degree in Sceenwriting for Film and TV. Natalia is currently working for many different commissioned projects as it was the scriptplay of the drama feature film “Kamikazes” produced by Vidsquad, LA based production company. She is also working in the fields of Story Consultant and Researcher like in for the non-scripted series “Business of Drugs” for Netflix. She has worked for TV channels like VICELAND in Colombia where she has developed full projects since the essence to the final shooting and postproduction. Strongly linked to the documentary genre, nowadays Natalia is starting to move her career to the animation format being part of Paramotion animation production company as a Story Editor for feature films and TV series and continue producing and writing projects for Kepler Mission Films such as BOMBILLA a transmedia project for kids to learn art through the animation and game.