Kepler Mission Films ?

Kepler Mission Films is a company that develops a wide diversity of projects based on audiovisual research.

The Kepler mission was launched by Nasa in 2009, and since then, continues its journey with the main objective of finding planets in the Milky Way where it could be possible to develop life.

Our conception of the audiovisual arts, and by extension the arts in general, consists exactly in the same thing; Find new spaces of creation where you can develop expressiveness and aesthetic joy. We want to broaden the view to extend the artistic and audiovisual experience, beyond what we know or are accustomed to, through the technological and social development that our time offers us.

But prolonging the experience and not forgetting our origins involves a challenge; To get as far as possible without losing our universal referents and our humanity. And for this we take care of our contents, dilating the knowledge in proportion to the encounter of new looks. Look to see.

For all this we have a wide range of people whose different professional backgrounds give us new lenses to carry out this exploration.

You will also find us working with our main brand that gives rise to the company: Liberula Verde Films.

We hope to see you in other worlds.


There will come a time when men will be able to broaden their gaze ... and they will be able to see the planets as our own Earth.

Christopher Wren, Inaugural Speech, Gresham College, 1657