Dance To Death Alberto Velasco Live Streaming Performance

Dance to Death - Live Streaming Performance

"Dance to Death" directed by Alberto Velasco for the 2016 GREC Festival in La Caldera.

Installation, retransmission and live realization of multi-camera system for single screen and live performance networks of 3 hours duration.

Festival GREC

La Caldera


Liberula Verde Films

 Audiovisual and interactive production brand founded in 2011 by Rebeca Sánchez López and hosted by Kepler Mission Films in 2015.

It produce advertisements, video, TV, short films and cinematographic events like Kino Kabaret KINO BARCINO y Directed by Women BCN · MAD with the collaboration of Cineteca Madrid, La Caldera and La Mercè.

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Credits and infographics for Teatre Lliure in the “Cicle de DONES LLIURES” season 2019.

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